If your car has been damaged, an insurance assessor will view the damage and decide what is to be done with the vehicle. If the damage appears too extensive to warrant repair the vehicle is likely to be "written off" and the assessor will call for a valuation. In this case, if there is any doubt, we recommend the owner obtain their own independent valuation, as it may mean the difference between the vehicle being written off or repaired.

If you are the 3rd party and are responsible for the damage you should obtain your own valuation report including as assessment of the vehicle's pre-accident value and the salvage value.

Contact us to discuss your situation. Initial discussions are free of charge and will give you a better understanding and what you can do during the settlement negotiation process. Our service assists both parties and will help avoid a situation where the value ascribed to a vehicle is either too low or too high.

Our Insurance - Loss Adjustment service is by quote. Should an Independent Loss Adjusters Report also be required, we can assist with this also.